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CP- HO HO HO MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS! by retardeddonut CP- HO HO HO MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS! :iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 0 3 Teal and Orange Maki Roll by retardeddonut Teal and Orange Maki Roll :iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 6 12 BAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWLOCKED by retardeddonut BAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWLOCKED :iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 4 41
Mai Profile
Full Name: Mai Sasaki
Nicknames(s): Ma
Age: 10
Blood Type: A
Ethnicity: ...
Date of birth: N/A
Birth place: Honshū, Japan
Current Residence: Honshū, Japan
Occupation: None yet, she still goes to school!
Title/Rank: None
Hobbies/Pastime: drawing, reading, playing with dolls and plushies.  
Talents/Skills: very good at reading :3
Powers: None.
Family: her father, mother and big brother.
Hometown: Honshū, Japan
First memory: Too many memories!~
Back story: (I`ll think of one)
Sex: Female
Height: 4ft 3in (yes, she`s quite small)
Weight: 29kg
Build: Thin
Skin: Pale-ish
Hair: shiny, black hair tied in twintails.
Eyes: green.
Expressions: happy expression
Tattoos/Scars: None, only has a scar on her leg which she got for falling on something outside.
Glasses/Contacts: None.
Left/Right Handed: Right handed.
Distinguishing Features: A tiny mole below her right eye.
How does s/he dress: she dresses all girly and childish, wears a kimono sometime
:iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 0 5
FIGHT AGAINST SOPA by retardeddonut FIGHT AGAINST SOPA :iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 1 2 Nyan Cat meme by retardeddonut Nyan Cat meme :iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 0 0
Seccah OC Profile
Full Name: Seccah (Just Seccah XD)
Nicknames(s): Sec
Age: 20
Blood Type: Unknown
Ethnicity: Human
Date of birth: 6/1
Birth place: Canada
Current Residence: Canada
Occupation: well, she  fixes things...but I can`t make a decision on what she fixes.
Title/Rank: N/A
Hobbies/Pastime: building things, fixing things, playing with Lego, drawing, planning.
Talents/Skills: great at building and fixing things.
Powers: None.
Family: her Mother left when she (Sec) was three, a Father called John and an older brother called Nate.
Hometown: Canada (I don`t know where to put her though in Canada...any ideas?)
First memory: third Christmas where she was spoilt rotten and got  her first games console!
Back story: Dunno yet.
Sex: Female
Height: 5ft 12in
Weight: 121 lbs
Build: A little bit curvy and thin.
Skin: pale
Hair: blonde/hazelnut brown
Eyes: dark blue
Expressions: "I call BS" face, "Cool story bro" face, happy, irritated, annoyed, sleepy.
:iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 0 0
AB Profile Disgaea OC
Full Name: Ame or Amethyst Blaze (hero name)
Nicknames(s): Am, Amy, Ab.
Age: 19
Blood Type: N/A
Ethnicity: Half human half demon
Date of birth: 9/12
Birth place: Netherworld
Current Residence: Maritsu Evil Academy, Netherworld
Occupation: Hero
Title/Rank: Amethyst Blaze
Hobbies/Pastime: saving the world, fighting bad guys, kicking ass.
Talents/Skills: good at fighting.
Powers: Amethyst Strike- Strikes the enemy with her rock hard fists!
        Amethyst Beam- Shoots powerful, hot, purple beams from her eyes!
        Amethyst Mach- Two, heavy, hero hands will serve you a hot plate of justice!
Family: Her human deceased mother Lisa and her demon father whose name is unknown. (Ame is a half human/demon due to her parents being a human and a demon)
Hometown: Human World
First memory: Becoming a Netherworld Hero! Amethyst: Nooooo! *is doomed*
Back story: She had a troubled childhood, grew up on
:iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 0 0
Fila Questionaire
OC Questionnaire sheet
1: Name?
Fila. Princess Fila, to be exact.
2: How old are you?
I`m eight...why do you wanna know?
3: What are you?
The one and only Puppet Princess!
4: You ready for more questions?
Whatever...make it quick though!
5: Here we go anyways!
Okay...move then...
6: What is your favorite holiday and why?
Do birthdays count? If so, I love it because I get everything I want. Christmas is good, too.
7: Looking forward to your birthday?
Yes, obviously! That day is all about me, me, me!
8: If you could have one present, what would it be?
A lovely new diamond encrusted dress!
9: What would you do if you didn't get it?
I would shout, scream and hit you! So you`d better get me it...or else!
10: Let's talk about your childhood, shall we?
11: What were you like growing up?
My father and mother say I was bratty and spoilt, but I was still their little angel.
12: Did other kids like you?
Only Crea and my sisters did. Nobody else. :(
13: If you were an outcast, why?
:iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 1 0
Fila Profile
Full Name: Princess Fila
Nicknames(s): Fil, Fi or La
Age: 8
Blood Type: N/A
Ethnicity: Puppet
Date of birth: 4/6
Birth place: Probably in Cornet`s home...she dosen`t actually have parents though. Someone`s soul is just inside the puppet.
Current Residence: In Cornet`s home/with Cornet until she fulfils her dream, then dies.  
Occupation: Princess
Title/Rank: Puppet Princess
Hobbies/Pastime: knitting, embroidery, playing with dolls/plushies, reading, pampering and drawing.
Talents/Skills: She is very good at knitting and embroidery.
Powers: She knows a few spells and some magic to help her out in battle.
Family: Maybe Cornet...but she is related to Kururu, Terra and Sharte.
Hometown: Orange
First memory: Meeting Cornet and her sisters.
Back story: I dunno yet, but I`ll think of one ;)
Sex: Female
Height: 3ft 2in
Weight: 20kg
Build: Thin...because she is a small puppet.
Skin: Peachy
Hair: blonde
Eyes: hazelnut brown
Expressions: irritated, happy, glum
:iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 0 8
Fila Puppet Sprites by retardeddonut Fila Puppet Sprites :iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 1 0 Retardeddonut influence map by retardeddonut Retardeddonut influence map :iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 0 10 OC Collab .-. by retardeddonut OC Collab .-. :iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 4 27 OH MY GOD by retardeddonut OH MY GOD :iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 2 44
CH is in Emmehs house?
So your coming home one day and notice your front door unlocked. You walk in and see Chris Hansen sitting in your kitchen. He has asked you to take a seat and wants to ask you various questions:
[X]How was your day? What did you do?
I sat and chatted and watched YT videos. :/
[X]What was your reaction to seeing me in your house?
What the fuck? I never did anything, I swear!
[X]What do you do for a living?
[X]What is going on in your mind?
What I`m gonna watch next on YT.
[X]I've been watching your internet chats. What do you think I'll find?
Lots of random and rude jokes...that`s it!~
[X]Now that's not what it says on the print out here. Explain yourself.
Hey you, homeboy! I`m a kid, what do you expect from my chats?! *pissed*
[X]It says you were going to bring some items. What would they happen to be.
PS3, juice and computer.
[X]That's a little creepy, I gotta tell ya. Why would you consider bringing these items?
Because I would be fricking bored!
[X]That seems pretty pervy,
:iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 0 0
Im Better Than Any Miss December, RIGHT? by retardeddonut Im Better Than Any Miss December, RIGHT? :iconretardeddonut:retardeddonut 2 6


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Vagyok, méhpempő, és nézed Jackass!
I'm royal jelly, and you're watching Jackass!

My friend told me I`m I really?! =^.^=

Name: Emma
Gender: Female
Likes: cookies, food, sleep, drawing, reading, writing, playing video games, listening to music.
Dislikes: mostly every fucking thing except the things i love, durrrrr.

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